My dear Caballeros and Fair Ladies,

In the gospel of Mark (4:30-32), Jesus said “What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”

From the moment that you’ve entered Chevalier School, you have started from the bottom, planting knowledge, learning experiences, and making friends. Through the years, as you grow, you are also like mustard seed, you become strong enough to face the challenges and explore the real world. As you start your journey in Chevalier School, we, your mentors, and educators are here to guide you towards the right path. We are here with you in every hardship. We are here to take care of you for you to grow and fully develop as a human with a heart for others.

With that, it is an honor to welcome you in the community where we wish you to become academically excellent, a God-loving and well-rounded person. Welcome to Chevalier School! The home of the fearless and brave!

Best regards,

Rev. Fr. Sabino T. Roquero, Jr., MSC, Ph.D.
School Rector